Battleship Shots Game Strategy Ball-Bouncing Game Ages 8 and Up


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  • DIFFERENT TWIST ON THE BATTLESHIP GAME: Battleship, the classic game of naval combat, has a different twist on gameplay. Bounce or toss balls over the divider and land shots in ships to sink and win
  • FUN, ACTIVE GAME: this Battleship Shots ball-bouncing game gets players up and out of their seats as they bounce or toss their balls at their opponent's battleships
  • HEAD-TO-HEAD COMBAT: both players can get bouncing at the same time in this Battleship Shots game of strategy, skill and a bit of luck. Sink your opponent's life raft with the red ball for an automatic win
  • PORTABLE CARRYING CASE: the Battleship Shots game comes in a portable, fold-up case for easy and convenient storage
  • BE STRATEGIC: each player gets three ships with two holes each, and a yellow life raft. Land all seven shots to win or sink the yellow life raft with the red ball for an instant victory