LEGO Legends of Chima Buildable Watches with Mini Figures (Choice of 2)


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  • Crawley:

    It’s time to enter the mystical land of Chima and discover the Legend within. Choose your alliance and lead your tribe to compete for Chi, the precious mystical element powering this land. You are Crawley, an expert henchman of the Crocs. You are wiry and quick to punish enemies with your formidable whip like tail attacks. This LEGO watch offers plenty of design possibilities with multi-coloured, interchangeable links and an easy-to-read watch face that is not only exciting but also comfortable and durable. Add links to build your own unique watch.
  • Lennox:
    It’s always time to be a king of the jungle with Lennox! Build your own LEGO® Legends of Chima™ watch featuring Lennox – the vehicle expert of the Lion tribe! Start with the watch face, then add multicoloured links with LEGO studs to build the watchband in any pattern. Includes an illustrated image of Lennox on the face and a Lennox minifigure that attaches to LEGO studs on the watch links! This watch comes with multicoloured, interchangeable links, and an easy to read watch face that is not only exciting but also comfortable and durable. This LEGO watch comes with accessories, which offer plenty of design possibilities. Kids can add links and bezels links to build their own unique watch. Additional features: Kids will have a blast with the multicoloured, interchangeable links that allow them to add links, change bezels, and build there own unique watch. Comfortable and durable, the watch features a scratch-resistant, mineral crystal face, a PVC-free plastic bezel, case and links, analogue display with quartz movement. Watch weighs 10mls and measures 13cm long out of package. Links are smooth on underside. Bezel is stationery . Additional links included measure 10cm . Battery included.
    LEGO Legends of Chima Lennox Buildable Watch with Mini Figure 9000393