Transformers BotBots Series 4 Surprise Unboxing Claw Machine


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Energon hit a shopping mall and the ordinary objects inside came to life as little converting Transformers robots, called BotBots! Now, BotBots tribes are competing in the Goldrush Games, a competition to see which tribes are the most mischievous! 

Winners win one of the shiny gold trophy bots from the Winner's Circle tribe! The mad dash to grab the gold is on! Kids can imagine winning the prize when they find the rare gold trophy bot from the Winner's Circle tribe hidden inside! Purchasers receive 1 Surprise Unboxing: Claw Machine pack with 10 surprises: 5 BotBots figures 1 gold figure, and 5 stickers. 

BotBots figures change from ordinary objects to little Transformers robots in 3 to 5 easy steps. Great toys for kids 5 and up! There are 190 BotBots characters to collect in 2020 found in blind bags, 5-packs, and 8-packs (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). 

Contains: Transformers BotBots Series 4 Surprise Unboxing Claw Machine

Age: 5+