Winning Ballz Up! Swing Away Party Game


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With BALLZ UP! you attach a very stylish cup to your waist via a nylon strap then try to swing a foam ball right on in there using a “thrusting ” motion. It`s perfect for stag nights,
hen parties , pre-drinks , post-drinks and Elvis hip-thrust impersonations.

Single Bucket Game

Strap up , set a time limit and take it in turns to see how many times you can get your BALLZ UP! in a minute. When you are swinging , you can invite as many people as you`d like to line up and take a turn afterwards. The winner is the person who gets their BALLZ UP! the most times and remember , if you miss , you have to keep on swinging those hips !

Multiply Bucket Game

Strap up as many players as you have buckets for.
Set your time limit and begin a swinging frenzy.
Again, the winner is the person who gets their BALLZ UP! the most before time runs out.


One Ballz Up!
Secure the cup around your waist
Thrust and swing your hips to get ball on a string into the cup
A ridiculous game for your next party
Perfect for stag and hen dos