Box damaged - Snakes And Bladdered Drinking Alcohol Shots 6 Glasses Party Game Hen Stag

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Brand new unopened with outer box damage

Ideal for a boys/girls` night in or Stag/Hen night down at the boozer Snakes and Bladdered is the ultimate in drinking games. In this grown up version, the snakes remain, however the ladders have been replaced with Truth & Dare squares which requires you to either fess up or drink up. 

Plus the squares require you or a nominated friend to down a single or double shot. Unlike the child`s game where your counter is a little round disc, the Snakes and Bladdered game counter is a shot glass.

Ultimately what you do is race around the board, first player to reach the end wins. As with all board games involving snakes, ladders and dice there`s a big element of luck.

For 2-4 players. Dare we say "drink responsibly"!

Contains 4 piece glass board,
2 clear plastic die and 6 shot glasses
Glasses contain Solid logo
Glasses and board requires hand wash - not dishwasher safe.