Eaglemoss Limited Edition The Flash Figurine (DC Comics)


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Blink and you'll miss him.

The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive, dashes into the DC Comics Superhero Collection in the form of this limited-edition, super-sized MEGA figurine!

Once a mild-mannered scientist, Barry Allen’s life was changed forever when a lightning bolt struck his lab and showered him with chemicals. As a result, he developed super speed, rapid reflexes, and increased stamina. He became The Flash!

This new limited edition DC Comics MEGA Flash figure has been cast in metallic resin, hand-painted, and stands over 25 cm tall. It captures the Scarlet Speedster in his classic comic book costume, featuring an iconic emblem on his chest and a trail of lightning bolts behind his bright yellow boots. The Flash is presented in a full-colour box and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

With only 1000 figurines produced worldwide, Barry will be gone in a flash so be sure to get your hands on our latest DC Comics Mega figurine.