Giant Reversible Octopus - Moon Sun Star sparkles - Tie Dye Design


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40cm Octopus - Lilac/Rainbow
40cm Octopus - Orange
40cm Octopus - Blue
40cm Octopus - Purple
55cm Octopus - Orange
55cm Octopus - Blue
55cm Octopus - Lilac/Rainbow
80cm Octopus - Orange
80cm Octopus - Purple
80cm Octopus - Lilac
80cm Octopus - Blue
80cm Octopus - Green
120cm Octopus - Purple
120cm Octopus - Lilac/rainbow
120cm Octopus - Green
120cm Octopus - Blue
120cm Octopus - Orange

Delightful reversible plush with Moon, Sun and Stars sparkle pattern on a Tie Dye  design. Giant and fluffy!

Happy most of the time and sad when you want!

VERY limited stock

Soft filled material


Approx 40cm - 15"

Approx 55cm - 20" 

Approx 80cm 30" 

Approx 120cm 47"