Hot Toys Marvel's Spider-Man Damaged Classic Suit Compact Miniature Figure


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In the [Video Game Masterpiece COMPACT] series presented by Hot Toys, from the action game "Marvel's Spider-Man" dedicated to PlayStation (R) 4, miniature figure series 2 of Spider-Man suit with hangar lineup!

Marvel's Spider-Man is a smash hit game. One of the attractions is the rich lineup of spider suits that reproduce the original design of the game, comics, movies, anime, etc. In this series, if these suits were stored like Iron Man's Hall of Armor... It is born from imagination.

Various spider suits that appear in [Marvel's Spider-Man], three-dimensional in total height of about 9 cm! Although small, it has been reproduced in stunning modeling to detail. The included hangar is about 12 centimeters in height. It is a finish full of luxury with metallic silver paint and LED light-up function. Since it is possible to connect, you can produce a scene where suits line up in a row if you arrange multiple. The package is a cool blister pack specification even if you decorate it as it is.