Hydraulic Cyborg Hand Kit

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  • It looks like you need a hand… this cyborg hand!
  • Comes in kit form – loads of fun to build
  • Contains 203 easy-to-assemble pieces
  • No motor, no battery – just powered by hydraulics
  • Easy to assemble in approx. 2.5 hours

Let’s build your own Hydraulic Cyborg hand and make you experience with multiple fantasy and entertainment in the Cyborg world.

The Hydraulic Cyborg hand simulates the movements of human hand/fingers, using hydraulic power for mechanical transmission without electricity. It allows every finger joint to adjust at different angles for close-fist/or open-palm precisely. To do multi-grip with a variety of items such as PET bottles, Balls, or tiny pieces like screws..etc are becoming interesting and challenging.

The most important value of Human factors is contributed to this wearable device. Owing to the adjustable design, either right /or left-handed users may have the thumb switch for operation friendly. Moreover, the wide variety of palm size and finger length come from kids or adults may easily adjust the device to fit and work smoothly.

The lightweight of 4-fingered hydraulic cyborg hand is accessible and easily manipulated by your fingertips , just pull & push to activate the hydraulic transmission system, and your mighty hydraulic cyborg hand may startup and be navigated by your small fingertips at infinite imagination and challenges.

Now, put on your hydraulic Cyborg hand, try a thumb up, or shake your hydraulic Cyborg hand to amaze your friends for some fun.