Light Up Talking Bing Soft Toy with Hoppity, 36cm

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Hoppity wears a soft red cape and can be detached from Bing! Your little Bingsters will love to make their very own Hoppity ‘Voosh’ through the air, just like Bing does in the show! Press Bing’s hand and watch his button softly glow as he talks, giggles or as the music plays! Bing and his best friend Hoppity are made from super-soft textured fabrics and have beautiful embroidered detail. Bing wears his adorable red checked dungarees with button, and, for even more fun Bing has pose able arms! This cute and cuddly Bing with Hoppity toy is perfect for hugs! Bing and Hoppity love to go on adventures! Whether it’s a trip to the park or a day at nursery, these two are the perfect companions for your little Bingsters! Approx Size: 36 cm from top of ears to feet.

Suitable for children aged 10 months +