Monkey See Monkey Poo Game

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  • MONKEY SEE MONKEY POO: If a monkey sees, then a monkey poos. And in this game, so will you. Everything is BANANAS in this funny game of tree-climbing, poo-flinging, banana-hungry monkeys
  • HILARIOUS KIDS’ GAME: For 2–4 players, this poo-filled vertical kids’ board game takes about 25 minutes to play. You will love the clear assembly instructions for easy setup
  • HOW TO PLAY: Spin to see how many flings you get, then load poo into the Monkey Flinger and launch away. Aim at the tree to collect banana tokens, then climb up your vine. The 1st monkey to get to the top wins
  • BANANA BLOWOUT: Knocking the entire tree over is called a banana blowout Collect 1 token and your turn ends.
  • Includes 1 Monkey Flingers (7 pcs), 4 Monkey Climbers, 4 Climbing Clips, 5 Banana Bunches, 5 Banana Bunch Clips, 15 Banana Tokens, 1 Monkey Dough Container, 4 Green String Vines, 1 Spinner Board, 1 Spinner Arrow and Peg, 1 Tree Gameboard (4 pcs), 1 Assembly Sheet
  • TOP BANANA: Tons of kids will love flinging and climbing—you cannot go wrong by bringing this game to a party or as a gift