NAKI Manuka Honey Harvested, Tested. Traceable. Certified 100% New Zealand Honey | International Gold Award Winner UMF 12+ | MGO 350+ | 250 grams

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A rich and golden honey that balances Mānuka's renowned earthy, mineral tones with a gentle, easy sweetness. We're really proud of this UM12+ which is the perfect start to someone's Manuka obsession. Available in 8.8 oz and 17.6 oz.

Awarded Silver at the London International Awards.

Only here in the Taranaki backcountry does a uniquely nectarious type of wild mānuka flourish. Each year the precious mānuka plants flower for a short time, and the bees get to work. Mānuka honey production is strictly limited, making every jar of Naki Honey a limited edition, designed & destined for the honey connoisseurs pantry.

Sourced solely from Taranaki Mānuka, New Zealand. Naki Honey is a boutique, family-run honey operation in the stunning coastal region of Taranaki in New Zealand's North Island.

Exceeds the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) grading system for mānuka honey

International Manuka Honey winner

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