Official Simba Super Mario Plush, 20cm - Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toadstool

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  • Simba Toys Official Plush 
  • Approx 20cm Tall
  • Choose your favourite from Mario, Luigi, Yoshi & Toadstool! 
  • Mario & Luigi set available at a discount!


Bring the charm of the Mushroom Kingdom into your world with our 20cm Plush Mario Soft Toy! Mario, the iconic hero of the Nintendo universe, is now available in an adorable huggable form. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this plush toy captures all the essence of Mario, from his iconic red cap with "M" insignia to his trusty blue overalls and friendly smile.

Measuring at a cuddly 20cm, this plush Mario soft toy is the perfect companion for gaming enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of all ages. Whether you display it as a delightful addition to your Nintendo-themed collection or snuggle up with it during your gaming sessions, this plush Mario is sure to brighten your day and evoke fond memories of your favorite Super Mario adventures.


Step into the world of Nintendo with our 20cm Plush Luigi Soft Toy! Luigi, the beloved brother of Mario, is here to join you on all your fun-filled adventures. This plush toy perfectly captures Luigi's endearing personality, complete with his classic green cap, blue overalls, and a warm smile that will melt your heart.

Standing at a huggable 20cm, this plush Luigi soft toy is the ideal addition to any Nintendo enthusiast's collection. Whether you're a longtime Luigi fan or simply looking for a delightful gift for someone special, this plush toy is sure to become a cherished companion. Embrace the spirit of teamwork and brotherly love as you embark on thrilling quests with this lovable Luigi by your side.

Mario and Luigi Set:

Embark on a dynamic duo adventure with our Set of Two 20cm Mario and Luigi Plush Soft Toys! Individually charming and irresistibly adorable, this plush set brings together the beloved Mario and Luigi for an unbeatable team-up. Each plush toy is meticulously designed to capture the essence of these iconic Nintendo characters, making them a must-have for any gaming enthusiast, collector, or fan.

With Mario and Luigi standing at 20cm, they are the perfect size for cuddling and display. Showcase them proudly on your shelf, desk, or gaming setup, or take them along on your real-life escapades to add a touch of Nintendo magic to your day.

Gift this set to a friend or loved one to share the joy of Mario and Luigi's camaraderie, or keep it as a treasured memento of your own love for the timeless Nintendo franchise. No matter the occasion, this set of plush soft toys is sure to bring smiles and nostalgia to anyone lucky enough to own them.