SOhi Outdoor Toys - Aqua Skimmer, Flexi Flyer, Scatter Ball or Sohi Orbit XL ball


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Aqua Skimmer

Our favourite! We played for hours with these on holiday - if you love skimming stones - and who doesnt? This is for you

Colour chosen at random

SOhi Aqua Water Skimmer
Specially designed to skim across the top of water
Lightweight and easy to use
4 designs available, selected at random when you order
Measures 7cm x 7cm x 2cm in size

SOhi Scatter Ball

Ramp up the fun-factor with this Scatter Bounce Ball by SOhi.
Its grooved surface adds an extra layer of excitement to the classic bouncy ball
Ideal for high-energy games: throw it in the middle of a circle of people and watch everyone scatter: you never know which crazy way the ball’s going to go!
Designed for both adults and children aged 3 years and up
Measures 6cm x 6cm x 6cm in size

SOhi Flexi Flyer

We love this so much! Throws well - very easy and soft to catch - as its made of silicone it bends and easily fits in your pocket

The trowing disc has had an update with this modern flexi flyer from SOhi. Made from durable silicon, not only is it lightweight and easy to throw, making it ideal for adults and children 3 years and up, but it’s foldable too so will easily fit in your bag. Perfect for the beach, park or garden - anywhere there’s some open space!
SOhi Orbit XL Ultra-High Bounce Ball

If you want a ball that maximises everything - from its extra-large size to its ultra-high bounce - then the Orbit XL ball from SOhi is your only choice. Its textured dimple surface adds an aerodynamic quality that means it bounces exceptionally high, much higher than your average bouncy ball. The perfect way to add the wow-factor to your ball games.