Word Fever, Word Guessing Game, Fast Paced Word Game, 3000 Questions, Guessing Game, Word Search Game with Sounds

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  • WORD FEVER: Are you ready for this fast pacing word game? You'll get 1 topic, 1 letter and a total of 12 seconds to find the right word. Not stressing enough? We have included stressful sounds to add some spice.. Be quick to find the word!
  • EASIEST WAY TO WIN: We know12 seconds is not a lot.. but if you manage to find the word faster than in 12 seconds you'll score more points. Sounds good? Be quick of you want to win!
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: This super smart device adapts to the players age and strengths so all players can play together
  • ENDLESS HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: This game includes an interactive device with over 300 topics + 3000 questions and a rulebook. But don't worry.. the game master will take care of any rules, points and sneaky tricks…You won't be bored
  • AGE SUITABILITY & NUMBER OF PLAYERS: This fun interactive game has been designed for a minimum of 2 players and is suitable for adults and kids from 7 years of age. Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)